Leo vegas Casino launches live Playtech casino

Leo vegas Casino had humble beginnings, as the small daughter of Unibet and unlike the parent company, it only covered a broad selection of bingo games. playtech-logo

The popularity of these titles took the owners by surprise and soon after online casino games were introduced and they proved to be just as successful.

The number of players grew at the same fast pace and nowadays, they can enjoy many of the online casino games that are also available at Unibet.
There is no competition between these companies, as the offers are quite similar and the true rivalry is with other online counterparts.

There are so many casinos trying to conquer the Internet that it is essential to be one step ahead of the pack and Leo vegas Casino had a clear plan.

They decided to team up with the most respected software developers and recently announced that it will launch a live casino powered by Playtech. The first games will go live in the first quarter of 2015 and good things are expected.
Playtech has tremendous experience in this line of work and is behind hundreds of table games that players can already enjoy in online casinos. Unlike slot machines and video poker variants, these games can also be played against real dealers, in those casinos that have a live section.

Leo vegas Casino used to limit players to a handful of titles and focus mostly on growing the bingo community, but they are ready to make the natural step forward and conquer new frontiers.

They already have a profitable relationship with the software developer and found it worthwhile to expand the scope of these projects. Playtech is already famous for offering state-of-the-art live dealer casinos and all those who rely on their services are thrilled with the opportunities. There are many differences between the setting that will be available at Leo vegas Casino and the ones that players are already used to when sitting at live tables.

The focus was to deliver the most accurate user experience and present players with a chance of enjoying the same thrills as if they were to play in a brick-and-mortar venues. The dealers are friendlier and interact with the players on multiple levels, so the latter can enjoy their time spent spinning the reels or playing table games.

The end result is still the same and players hope that at the end of the day they will have more money than what they started with.