Leo vegas software developer wins major prize in 2014

Leo vegas is not exactly the most popular online casino outside Europe, with the name being only remotely familiar to those who play slot machines. leo-vegas-Evolution-gaming

This doesn’t mean that the Internet operator is not worth a chance, in fact it has a dominant position in the Scandinavian countries.

The outstanding customer support and the fact that the website is geared towards Swedish and Norwegian players explains how it was possible for it to grow so fast.
Another explanation for its success is that the online casino shook hands from the very beginning with the biggest software developer in the world.

Playtech is the absolute leader when it comes to multichannel gaming software and is also an excellent service supplier for dozens of online gambling groups. New and established casinos prefer them for the generous collection of slot machines and the lucrative titles that carry progressive jackpots.

Every year, Playtech is nominated for prestigious awards and 2014 was no exception. At the Italy Awards held in Rome they won the eGaming Review Software Supplier of the Year prize. It is no small achievement to claim this prize that is sought-after by so many software developers, but it wasn’t exactly a surprise either. These guys have so many new games released on a monthly basis and most of their titles receive praise in reviews, that success was bound to follow.

They are also operating mostly in Europe and serve online casinos that have established a dominant position in regulated gaming markets. This means that they comply with all existing regulations and offer the kind of service that new players are looking for when contemplating the possibility of opening a new account.

In the wake of winning the prize, Mor Weizer acting as Playtech CEO said that he was thrilled to have the company receiving such a prestigious award.

This prize came as a testament of the progress made in 2014 and previous years, with all of them pushing the company in the right direction. At times, it made giant leaps forward, on other occasions the software developer advanced one step at a time, but each year it managed to hit a new milestone. Being a London listed company, it spends a lot of time in the spotlight, but fortunately for all the good reasons and is also the top software developer in Italy.