32Red trusts Transversal with its customers support

When you are already running a very lucrative business, it is easy to dwell on your success and assume that things will continue to go just as well in the future. 32Red has been around for long enough to know that in order to be successful and competitive in this industry, you need to constantly improve your service and sign lucrative partnerships. Famous for their customer support, these guys have pushed the envelope and are about to set another important milestone by shaking hands with Transversal.

If the name doesn’t ring familiar, know that they are a leading provider of knowledge solution and operate mostly within the cloud. They are also experts when it comes to customer support and this is something that the online casino definitely appreciates, with the best proof being the plethora of prizes collected over the course of time. They are always pit against tough competitors, but their constant efforts have paid off and the goal is to maintain the same level of customer service across all the brands.


Transversal is going to lend its experience and resources of 32red, so that whenever clients have a problem they will get to the bottom of it in the shortest time possible. They can already interact with customer support specialist 24/7, but as a result of this new deal, things will be pushed into overdrive. They will be able to use all sorts of mobile devices and interact with the customer service on many levels, while spending less time waiting for an answer.

The solution chosen by their new partner is extremely easy, as they use their state-of-the-art engine to discern between simple inquiries and complicated matters. By making this important distinction, they will alleviate the burden on the customer support specialists who have competitors in solving pressing matters. The online casino will keep his high standards, while allocating fewer resources and in the end, this will only result in bigger profits and better results overall.

The Transversal Prescience Platform is already appreciated for its scalability and it is very likely that other online casinos will choose this technology. 32Red has jumped on the bandwagon first and this means a great deal for existing customers, will get to enjoy the advantages before their counterparts. It can be used over a broad spectrum of gambling products, ranging from sports betting to online casino games. The customer service will be streamlined and to some extent simplified, without any trade-offs

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