Popularity Texas hold’em

Texas hold’em and casino online is so popular because the rules are easy to comprehend and even though the game is hard to master, the learning curve is not that steep.

There are plenty of variants inspired by this title and perhaps one of the most popular and showing the greatest potential is Royal Hold’em.

The appealing name is obviously going to help and the fact that the rules are so similar is another selling point for those who contemplate the possibility of jumping ship.


Differences to Texas Hold’em

Royal Hold’em has the same purpose as the game that inspired it, with players being expected to make the best possible combination of five cards. Community cards can be used and action moves around the table, starting with a small blind, continuing with the big blind and so on. One of the key differences between the two games is that this one is not played with a deck of 52 cards but only uses 20 of them, starting from 10 and concluding to Ace.

The winning combinations are much fewer and making strong hands is greatly simplified, but the number of maximum players is limited to six. With fewer cards dealt, you can no longer overplay your hand because you need nothing short of the nuts to feel comfortable.


The entire game strategy changes and players need to exercise caution when going on in, because a seemingly strong starting hand can be easily beaten on the upcoming streets.

How to play Royal Hold’em

Those who have played Texas hold‘em before will have no problem in mastering this game because it is following exactly the same rules. Players at the first time on the pre-flop, in accord with the strength of their starting hands and then action shifts to the flop. The one left to the dealer acts the first and action moves around the table, with players having to decide between calling, betting raising and folding.

With fewer hands combination, players need to be careful not to bet too much money in a single pot, but at the same time protect their strong starting hands. By the time action reaches the river, the showdown is the last important play in the game and the one who reveals the best combination of 5 cards wins the pot.