The BBZ Bonanza continues at 32Red Bingo

If you didn’t get the chance to play bingo this month, then this is the perfect opportunity to get started because the BBZ Bonanza promotions have arrived.

This is not exactly the first time that campaigns are hitting 32Red Bingo as 2015 has been littered with such winning opportunities.

What makes this offer tempting is that it spans over an entire month and it already made a couple of winners.
It all started at the end of June, with the Reverse Bingo week that inviting players to participate in a competition that has a mind blowing payout structure. Instead of being paid out in the straightforward fashion, players were collecting funds in a reverse manner and the winners were unveiled on July 5, the very next day the Share the love Week promotion began and it is still a part of the larger BBZ Bonanza.

Capture d’écran 2015-07-21 à 08.12.09

Once its winners were presented to the broad audience on July 12, the next challenge started and we are in the middle of it. It goes by the name of Nabor Week and just as the name might indicate, it is supposed to strengthen the ties between worldwide nations. Distance has been rendered virtually irrelevant by the Internet and technology has built bridges all around, so this campaign fits in nicely.

If you missed out on the opportunity of participating in the aforementioned Reverse Bingo week know that you will have a brand-new opportunity a week from now. The competition returns on July 20 and will only come to a conclusion six days later, so time is going to be on your side once again. Last but definitely not least, the current campaigns will wrap up at the end of July and players will have one final opportunity to jump on the bandwagon.

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They will have their last chance on July 27, with the Full House week being the one that will conclude what promises to be one of the most exciting months of 2015. The terms of the upcoming competition are going to be revealed in a not so distant future and those who have an account with 32Red Bingo will be surely kept up to date.

Anyone can be a winner and it makes no difference if you are a highroller or a beginner getting the ropes of online bingo, as everyone has the same chances.