Kick start your year with Golwild Casino’s New Year Resolution offer

In anticipation of a new year, people tend to go over the top with promises and pledges, while making market for New Year logo-gowild-scrollingresolutions.

Golwild Casino’s New Year Resolution is the latest promotional offer available to all their members and just as the name suggests it has a limited time availability.

Only a fraction of them will actually come to fruition but it doesn’t hurt to hope for a better year and setting the bar high is the right thing to do.

If you don’t want this to expire, then you should better get on the bandwagon right away because these campaign starts on December 31.


The deadline is set for January 9, so in less than 10 days from now the opportunity will be lost. A couple of steps are required in the first one is to opt in to this promotion then start wagering real money on any of the arcade games and slot machines. These can be found in the Vegas slots and arcade sections, while being fully compatible with smartphones and tablets.

The potential profits depend on how much money players wager during the promotional period, as they qualify for various bonuses based on their investment. If you are a highroller or a player willing to take more chances, you can hope for a better return on investment.

Players will be divided into several pools and the ones who finishes at the top of the food chain in each of them will receive the biggest prize.

To get a better idea about what waits in store, players should know that the tier 1 prize pool consists of €5000, while the second tier has the amount doubled. If you qualify for tier 3, then you will be competing for prize pool of €15,000, so you could win the lion’s share. The amount that needs to be wagered to qualify also differs greatly, from a minimum amount of €200-€1500 and up to a maximum of €3000.